• Can the ring be engraved?
    Rings made of titanium and wood can be engraved. But rings made of tungsten carbide are characterized by its great hardness, it's almost impossible to engrave. To reach the similar effect, the technology of laser is applied. It usually takes 15 working days before you get the engraved/lasered ring. As the ring is customised in our studio, extra shipping and handling will be charged. Contact us for detailed information.


  • What is the difference between tungsten and tungsten carbide rings?
    Tungsten is cheaper than tungsten carbide and much less resistant to wear. Only by bonding tungsten with carbon are able to obtain the superior qualities. Many jewelers offer tungsten carbide rings but do not mention their rings may contain cobalt as the bonding agent. Cobalt bonded tungsten carbide is cheaper to manufacture and has the potential to irritate the wearer's skin. Cobalt bonded rings also compromise the strength and shine of the ring through oxidation spots. These oxidation spots cannot be removed or polished out. King will only sells cobalt-free rings, so you can be sure you are purchasing only the purest and highest quality wedding bands.


  • Can a tungsten, titanium and ceramic ring be resized?
    This is not recommended. Platinum, gold, copper and silver rings can be affected to shrink or enlarge and can be done at any reputable jeweler to fit any finger. Tungsten, ceramic and titanium rings are more difficult to resize, and in most cases are not worth the associated processing costs. Also, design of an inlay or a beveled edge could restrict shaving a fractional layer off the inside of a ring to gain that ¼ to a ½ size difference. In many cases, the appearance of a resized ring might be worse.


  • How to choose the right size for my finger?

    Please refer to the page - FIND YOUR RING SIZE.



  • How to care the tungsten carbide rings?
    Caring for tungsten carbide is very simple. The best way to clean a ring is with mild dish soap, water, and a clean cloth. Soak the ring for several minutes, rinse, and wipe dry with the clean cloth. Being that tungsten bands are permanently polished a quick soak and wipe down will remove all the residue and have your ring looking as good as new.


  • What if I have difficulty removing my ring?
    All the material of the rings can easily be slid off your finger using butter, liquid soap, or hand cream. If your finger gets injured and swells, the ring can be cut by a professional using a ring cutting tool. Rings which are extremely hard, like tungsten carbide rings, can usually be removed by cracking them into pieces with a standard vice grip style locking pliers. Tungsten has properties where rather than bending and crushing, it most likely would fracture into several pieces and fall off your finger freely. As a last resort, every hospital emergency room will be equipped to remove any ring or band.