As a young but fast growing brand of men's wedding ring, we welcome anyone who is interested in promoting King Will. Send your message to and we'll reply in 24 hours.

For Jewelers who wants to carry our brand +

Once we get your contact, we'll send you the new accounting loading sheet. We may collect the following information:

  • Trade name
  • Contact information including email address
  • Company information including addresses and number of employee
  • Trade information such as sales channel, last year turnover and trade reference

If the information passed our review, we'll reply back with the agreement.


For Writers, Editors, Bloggers and Freelancers +

Review and blog of our ring is welcome, contact us to know more. King Will has partnered with hundreds of peoples across the world to provide real reviews and high quality blog content.


Looking for sponsor? +
Need sponsor on media campaigns and promotions? Let's build partnerships. In July 2016, we sponsored New Hope Mission to hold a group wedding for the poor people in Haiti.