A new start of King Will


    We are happy to announce that our plan to ease into a new website has been fulfilled. King Will is stepping into a turning point to move forward.

    As a trustworthy provider of rings, we are working to provide qualified products at reasonable price, as well as customer-friendly shopping experience. We are on a mission to care for every aspects of an on-line shopping including but not limited to item quality, shipping time, payment methods, customer service, etc. With hard-working employees and in-depth partnerships with local carriers, we run business on third-party platforms as well as an official website, covering delivery to almost all states across the country (islands excepted).

    To improve shopping experience, a new website is on discussion long before launching it. Now it is ready for your exploration with a more decision-help web page. You can view item details &reviews on one page, share what you are looking in one click. With multiple payment methods and high-level data encryption, you can enjoy carefree shopping on King Will.

*You should pay attention to the following two point:

    1. You need to re-register.

    2. You cannot view previous orders.

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